Friday, 27 May 2016

week 4 reflection t2

                                                                             literacy                                                                                   this is my literacy followup for this week this is words that i fond hard

word work
this is my word work and the hilited  words and the ones that are sepsis 

this week for numeracy and we have been leaning how to yous solve unknown problems in 10s   

this is my writing it is  like a news paper  but we did it and I learnt how to right a bit of new paper is  from the book Charlotte's web here it is

Friday, 20 May 2016

week 3 reflections 2016



Hi this is my reflection for this week. This is my Numeracy for this week and my WALT was.........


This is my money for Banqer. This is a website that every time you are good your teacher can give you as much as they want.


I have been writing abort chalice web and we had to Mack a story abort your favorite Carter i did Wilbert 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

30bc book boyz Rule!

name of book. Race car Dreamers

illustrated by Bettina Guthrideg

samey there were two boy that there dream was to be a race car drivers and they built a red races trike   and they yest there sister bike and there dad golf cart weals and panted it red and they took it don a hill and the hill was celled the killer hill and there bronc the frat weal and the weal was there dad.  

                                                          THE END