Friday, 23 September 2016

reflection t3 w9 numeracy

This week we have been doing  and ere pomander and we had to go in a group that got given to as by the teacher and the group was so anything but they more smarter then me and some people in me group and it was fun.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Term 3 reflection literacy.

This week were have been doing a book called the desk and it has a desk that is alive and and it scared  the kid and the teacher here is what it looks like.

Friday, 16 September 2016

reflection literacy w8 t3


This week for literacy we did how tadpole change and this is some of the stiff that we did I hop hop you like it because  I did when we made it.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Robot work

Image result for how to make a light out of a batteryThis week we had some man that shod as how to make a robot look at one of the things that he shod as have a good look at it 

You just have to get a light that look like the one that is on the photo and a batterer that is on the photo and then to have to put them together and it shod light up and it will look cool and there are more stuff like green red white orange.

We made some home made robots and it was fun and they were fun to make and they had a motor and they were the wells and and we had to put some wire in to the gaps and then one of the light teen on and when to put the other one in the other light will go on and it look cool and then it can start moving around and and the the man seed to as to put some declarations on it and then or class and as got to put or hand up on the on that we like the most  and we just abort won and we had 9 people that like are one and then there were anther gorp that got one more points then as so we were an lackey bat is was still fun.

St john

This week we went to st johns and we lint a lot of stuff but I new most of it because I am a st john cadet so I go to it every  Tuesday I think you shod do it to and we did some stuff like how to no it someone id going to have stroke of a hart a tack it was fun doing it and then we did some CPR and  I new all of the that stuff so I was a lot better then what i wood be if you do not no is.

last yer we did some doctor  ABC and it was hard because i did not do the cadets and is was not fun it was hard and I did my speech on doctor ABC have a look at my speech so you can lorn abort doctor ABC.

Image result for st john ambulance

literacy reflection t3 w7

This week we have been doing some Summarise and Sequence it was so fun and here is some of my work that I did hope you like it.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Goosebumps Horrorland.Welcome to camp slither

illustrated By R.L.shine


the book is about some kid that went to a camp and one of the kids said that they wood like to go to diert camp the the one the there Mum and Dad made them go on.

I think you shod read this book because is is a good fit book for you .

Friday, 2 September 2016

reflection week 6 t3 topic

This week we have been doing a new topic and it is how to explorer and we had to do a 5 reasons about why do they explore here is some of the work that we did.  

reflection literacy t3 week 6

This week we have been doing house hold stuff and i did a pedal bin here is the interactions this is what it look like. 

How does a pedal rubbish bin works

A rubbish bin is a place for old newspapers, bottles, cans and rubbish. The rubbish bin shape is round and it is sometimes silver. They can be big or small and it is a cylinder shape. It has a pedal that moves and a lid that opens. It is used to hold your rubbish.

reflection week 6 t3 numeracy

This week we have been doing a work book to show what we have been working on snits the start of t3  and this is the work that I have lorn t.