Friday, 16 December 2016

Good bye year

This week was was the end of the year and thank you for all of the comments that you have but on my blog this year it is cool that you have put comments on my blog here is so of the best work that I did this team  

Friday, 2 December 2016

Dirty borty ;

Summery? He is a little boy that had to eat veg balls and he got mad and he went on strike because they did not like to eat veg balls so they do not eat and then they all got into tarball and they had to eat all of the food so they but magics in to the food and then she gives up and they get what they wanted.

Image result for the book dirty bertie on strike

Bonus reflection

This time it was a bit hard but i did them both

reflection numeracy

This week we had to do coordinates  and it was a bit easy and I was one of the first people finished and it was a fun task to do we had to color in some of the sewers and make the into a randier. 

literacy reflection T4 T8.

This week for literacy I have been doing naughty or nice writing. We had to put on some Naughty or nice sentences for the Xmas work and it was a bit hard but it was fun.