Friday, 17 June 2016

Week7 reflection t2

Word Work

Word work look at it. This is my word work you have to spill word that you get given from or teachers.


This is my literacy followup we had to make a video  
 the story named Octopuppy it was funny to make Retell the story.


This is my numeracy followup we have started time table this week starting of easy  but  it will get header as I go.


 We had to make a  thing  called show not tell we had to make a story abut a felling but we coed not show is is was fun. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Reflection t2 week 5

I am learning how to use rounding and compensating to solve problems we had to video as making a problem.

This is my writing for this week and we had to do an article out of the book Charlotte's web.

This is my numeracy for this week we had to Order Whole numbers to 1000 it was fun.

this is my reading  followup for this week it is picture match. We are learning to

Use beginning and ending sounds