Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Boys rules pirate attack

Boys Rules

pirate attack 

Illustrated by Gas Gordon


There was same boys that they think they cold be pirates and they went and got on to there dads bot and they were thinking that it was moving and then there were two girls that started to throw some water boons and the they got wet and the the girls holed up a whit flag an the put a note up and it said do you wont some pennant batter sandwich.

Reflection literacy w5 t3


this week we have been doing a summery on a book called jump and I and we got to work with a friend and it was fun Here a some of it .

Reflection of this Term 2


this term we were making stuff for prep we made stretchy book marks , sling shots, dream catchers, bottle banks,  business, there are bunker, Warehouse,Police.


this Term we have dan same stuff like this
look at this


we have  been making stuff on Olympic  games and here is same stuff


For this week we have been doing stuff on Olympic game that start tomorrow here is some of my athletes that I did.

Doom Bunny and the Monster Catchers

Written and Illustrated by Loren Morris  

Summery There was a kid that needs a drink of milk and when he opined is the was a lot o monster that came out of the milk carton  and then there were some more kids that wonted to help and  the kids that were out getting the monsters

Friday, 26 August 2016

Reflection numeracy week 5 T3


This week we have be doing some fractions and we had to fill out here is some of the stuff that we did .

Friday, 19 August 2016

Reflection week 4 T3

Book week 2016 

This week we have been making stuff for book Carter n week and here are some of the stuff that we did hop you like it 

Door display

On tuesday we made a door display they  are Charley in the chocolate factory  we had to bring in some stuff like chocolate rapers and other stuff and we have made other BFG  and we had to bring mare stuff for that and stuff for positions

Book  carter day     

This week we have did some thing that we did some thing that you wood never think of like some kids came as army men and other stuff I came as I need a new bum and it was funny and my bather come as I have got a poo on my shew 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Reflection week 3 team 3 numeracy


This week we have been doing fractions and the is  WALT Convert improper and mixed fractions it was a bit hard and same The image is coming soon not finished

Reflection week 2 T3


This week we have been doing Olympics for topic and we had to make a Paralympics is was fun trying to find it all out it was a bit hard and not that hard.