Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Camp Refleshons

Camp Reflection

First I got in the van  and we were driving to Lake Mapourika where we were going swimming. I jumped in and landed on an eel. Then I ran out of the water and then I jumped in again but the eel went away. Then we had fun again and we jumped in for a bit longer.

We went to the top 10 holiday park where we were sleeping and Miss Panther told us the rules and where not to go. There was a playground and there was a trampoline. I got kicked off for some reason that I do not know. I did not mind but I was not on there long.

The next day we went to the Fox Glacier walking track. We walked for an hour and then we got to the car park and then we went on the half hour walk. We did a challenge that we put ours hands in the water to see how long we could keep it in there. I did not win. After that then we went back to camp and had a rest.

Later that day when we went to the pool and we got pushed in. The water was warm and we played for a bit and we jumped in. It was fun when we got some of the parents wet. They had no towel and they were cold, it was funny.

After swimming we went to Geo Caching and I helped find two of them. Then Miss Panther took me with her to help the other people because I hurt my ankle. After that we went back to camp and waited for the first group to came back so we can see who won. They took so long to get back it was boring. Waiting is the most boring thing ever.

The next day wen we got home I had to go to the hospital because there was something wrong with my ankles. I was there from 3.00 in the afternoon to 10.30 at night. I was bored and it was fun when we got to go home. By the time I got home and I went to sleep.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Week 9 Reflection

Reading: I have learnt how to pick my favourite part of the story and retell the main ideas.

Numeracy: I have learnt how to subtract big numbers. A tidy number is 20, 30, 40, 50 etc.