Friday, 28 October 2016

W3 T4 reflection

This week we have been doing some stuff on and it was fun here it is hope you like it.

Kiwi kids news and tipping test


This week the school went to athletics and we had fun and we did high jump and then we did disks and it was fun and we did sprints and then we did long jump and it was so so fun and I got pretty far and it was fun and then we for high jump we had to jump over a pole that was set up on a thing that can go up and down and I got in to the second round and then it got to high and I was not abode to make and it was to hard for me and then we went and did sprints and i got 3th plays and we had more then seven people and I had fun and then we went to high jump and it was fun and it was fun I think I did good at all of the things.

Hope you liked it.

W3 T4 literacy reflection

This week we have been doing to we have had to but what was hipping like there was a cat never the vase and it fall of how did it. It was the cat because cats like to climb so it and the cat had skewer face so it was the cat that did it. Here is what I did.

W3 T4 reflection numeracy

This week we have been doing more on geometry and we have got more done and it looks better then last time here it the slide that we did and the other stuff hope you all like it. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

T4 W2 reflection

This week we have been doing stuff on stuff called splashil please for my family and I did speedway because it has been a speechl please for my family sins i was tow days old and you will see the other stuff on the the thing down below hop you like all of the stuff that I did .

Friday, 21 October 2016

Tipping test.

This week I have been doing tipping and i am getting better.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Tipping test and kiwi kids news

I am getting better at the tipping and it fells good.
I have been filling good because I have got more and more better the I was before